Can I achieve “brahman?”

Jayaram V does a fantastic, often complicated and intrinsic job of explaining just what “Brahman” is. For me, the most complicated part of the concept is to capture what my role as “I” is. J.V. goes into a particular interesting discussion of how seeking God, or knowledge, is actual counteractive to understanding what Brahman is. The self-realization, or Brahman as self is the awareness that the Eternal Self is indeed, the inner Self of all. I found it particularly difficult and challenging to think in absolute certainty and trying to put his beliefs into my own perspective. In some ways, I think he explained common questions like “what am I?”, “how do I achieve the after-life?” and “why are we here?” in ways that are much bigger but actually simple to grasp once you obtain this level of belief. He ended the post with a story from a Sufi teaching that basically explained that God himself, is all of us and everything. That is Brahman in my understanding, a Universal Soul that is in everyone and everything.


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