Dharma, and the New World

Take a trip down Internet Lane and there a a whole plethora of websites devoted to religious practices and teachings. Some of these are looking for a quick paycheck, while others are genuinely trying to push on their knowledge or share some insight.
So I openly stumbled on a website called http://www.dharmaocean.org, just to see what it is all about.
After quickly perusing the site, I looked at it from a viewpoint of the latter mentioned previously. Dharma Ocean seems to carefully whisk one away into the spiritual states of Dharma as taught by Buddhist gurus from different parts of the world. Carefully looking through their site, I saw no additional means to try and coheres or lure new readers into paying for some “path to God” scheme, or unstudied belief system which was rather refreshing. In a world where everything seems to be about money, this was definitely somewhere I should return to for a retreat.


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