does religious diversity work?

In this article Laurie Goodstein, national religion correspondent for the New York Times, spoke to a Utah Valley University in support of religious diversity. In her eyes, she sees the benefits of the integration of religions as an important asset to the United States.
I ask the question, can one be truly devoted and abide by their religious practices and not have to compromise? Can believers of a certain religion really, empathize or be nonjudgmental to non-believers if their teachings forbid such a thing? Furthermore, can a religion that has seen persecution, discrimination, and hostility towards their people because of beliefs or culture actually turn the blind-eye and look away from those things?
I think the answer lies within the religion itself, and the character of the person. After all, if there were no religions and no beliefs in the world I still think there would be bad people who do good things, and good people who do bad things. To what extent, is to the individual and does hold a level of societal responsibility.


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