metaphorically speaking…

How many times do you use metaphors in speech a day? Hold that thought. I don’t actually want you to count those out, as people might look at you like you have a mental problem. But as I’m thinking in my head of all of those clever quips my Grandpa once said to me on the fishing boat, I ask myself; What makes a really good one?
Well I internet surfed my way over to and did a little “looks” for myself. You see everyone from the likes of Van Gogh to JFK with their famous entries (Though those people did not enter these on their own.) I think a lasting metaphor is made if it touches something inside that casts a vision of humor or sadness, humbleness or triumph. Something that leaves an emotion and symbolizes something else with a common understanding or deeper meaning. It’s not as easy as it looks to make a lasting one that will “spread like wild fire.” But then, that would be a simile.

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