Trying to find a balance

I think many people desire to lead a more balanced lifestyle. Maybe some want to eliminate stress, or have more time for their hobbies. Some may want to be more fiscally sound, or have a clear state of mind. This article presented 5 concepts for balance: 1)Awareness and mindfulness, 2)Appreciation of your body, 3)Creativity, 4)Patience, and 5)Simplicity.
There are some great things that do come out of an unbalance, however. Many of the most intelligent people of the world are thought to have an unbalanced brain, or more concentration of a specific part of the brain that allows them the ability to be hyper-intelligent. Severe stress on the body with a determinate and non-rational mindset have let athletes break records never thought possible. Complicated and abstract ideas have taken have taken math and science to new theories never before thought possible.
I think overall balance is an ultimate goal of my own mental and physical well-being, but I do not know that it is completely obtainable for more than a very brief moment in time, given real-world and societal factors.


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