What is a “Guru?”

I know what you’re thinking. You’ve heard the word before. A guru is somebody really smart in a particular area, right? A master of his craft, or profession?
Well hold on there. Maybe media needs to slow their role, and portray what a guru really is.
A guru is a religious or spiritual teacher and guider that can aid you in your path to “Brahman,” or the Universal Soul. The path to Self-Realization. A “Guru,” in Vedic tradition is looked upon as no less than a God. Fundamental knowledge is passed from guru to those who seek it, and part of what makes a Guru so very important is his accessibility to be able to teach. Some gurus accept “gifts” as a form of payment for their services, while others do not. These people are generally revered and praised among the community for their dedication to the teaching and their discipline in their devotion.


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