This piece written in the University of Buffalo news center suggests that women are over-sexualized in Western media. While this may be the case, I think it calls into question the very nature of “male-gaze.” The intent of film or media to portray a woman, in a framed manner, often sexual. To question the ethics of a male human-being, takes an understanding of the very nature of what a male species is. If a male perceives a woman’s aesthetic or visual beauty as a form of language, is this language not then important to convey or understand? The art of body language has been studied for thousands of years, with examples of ritualistic dancing and courting dating back to thousands of years ago. Many animal species genetically show examples of courting and mate-ship movements that encourage and entice the male species to respond, so to negate that male humans don’t react and respond in a similar way is short-sighted. There seems to be a confusion between discrimination, unfairness, and a visual-based language that men can perceive and understand, based on being of the male species.


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